Connecting my Alta to the Silhouette Cloud

Some people like to be early adopters of the newest items available. I seem to fit into that category. I buy the latest iPhone the day it is released. I install the latest operating system for my Mac on the day it is released. I install the latest version of the Silhouette software as soon as it is posted. Ron says I like to be on the bleeding edge!

This has certainly been the case with my Alta. Right before Mother's Day I got an email from Swing Design that they were accepting pre-orders for the new Alta 3D printer from Silhouette. I changed my request for Mother's Day and Ron ordered it for me. That means I am among the first to be setting up and using not only the printer but also the software.

Since I am a long-time customer of Silhouette, I already have an account and even a bit of my monthly credit allowance ready for use, I was (should have been) all set. Things didn't quite work as planned. 


Now what do I do? 

Having been on the bleeding edge many times before, I headed off the Silhouette America web page. In the bottom right corner there is a chat icon--


A quick click got me to their support department where I was greeted and invited to explain my problem--and then I waited--it seems as though they were busy!


While I worked with an agent for about an hour, we did not accomplish much. Most of the time I was waiting for a response. I want to believe they were busy, but I suspect she was trying determine how to fix an issue she had not seen before.

We left for dinner and when I came back she had left me additional messages, but my problem was not resolved and so I reconnected the next day. I am impressed that with their new chat system all my earlier queries and their answers are available for me to scroll through and for the next agent who tries to help me be be able to consult.

Mainly due to my busy life, it took a while to find a solution. First, there is a bug in the software that is not allowing me to connect to my account through the Alta software. They hope it will be fixed in the next update which they are working on and hope to release soon.

However, Silhouette had a temporary solution. I used a different email address to set up a new account. Because I had already registered my Alta to my first account, they had to tweak the settings on their end so that the new account could tie to the Alta. That meant I could access the 25 free designs that are a part of the Alta package and they added $25.00 to the new account so that I can download some new designs from the Silhouette store. When the new software is released they will combine the two accounts so that I do not loose anything I have bought and things I have stored in the account will appear in my first (real) account.

While this is an acceptable workaround, it is not perfect. I have almost 1000 designs in my real account that I cannot play with in the Alta software. There are always difficulties if you run into problems on the bleeding edge.

If you experience the problem of accessing your Silhouette Cloud with your Alta, you will have to contact Silhouette. While some of my interactions with them have been almost instantaneous, others have taken a bit of time. Welcome to the bleeding edge!

Pat FauquetComment