In the beginning…


There was Pat and Ron, and we couldn't have been more different. We are proof that opposites attract. We met in Texas when Ron was an ROTC midshipman learning to fly airplanes, but he didn't fly in the Navy.  He was a meteorologist (weatherman).  Pat was a Recreation Administration major. Needless to say, we had dissimilar interests and backgrounds. Ron worked with computers (yes they had them back in the 1960s) and Pat worked with people. We were quite different, but we learned to work things out. Fast-forward a few decades. Now Pat is the technology geek, having become the 'expert'  in the early 1990's, by reading the manuals and using all the hardware and software she could get her hands on.  Ron missed out on the home computer explosion during the 'naughts' (2000's) because his job kept him working with much larger systems in classified environments. And he learned how to manage people, including our five children. Now, all the children are grown and married and we have ten grandchildren ranging in age from 1 month to 19 years old.

Ron has retired (three times) but Pat still works from home as a consultant for Apple products. Ron loves gardening, walking/jogging and outdoorsy stuff, but Pat is allergic to most tress, weeds and animals including bees and wasps. Pat was a "stay at home" Mom before that was a popular term and has moved 18 times due to Ron's Navy orders. Then after the youngest started school she started learning about Apple hardware and software. She loves technology, and is very good at it. She has been a wonderful example to our daughters (3 engineers and an athletic trainer) that you can be a stay at home mother and still have a full career afterward.  Ron hasn't kept up with the home-computing technology because he has his own IT Dept and technology consultant. Ron keeps up with meteorology, and Pat and the kids expect private forecasts that are better than the weather people on TV give. 

Pat loves her Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, sewing, machine embroidery (computer controlled naturally), and crafting in general. Ron puts up with lots of "stuff" stashed around the house, while proudly pointing out that Pat made it. Ron reads and does crossword puzzles every day, while Pat blogs at and hangs out on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Pat is a devout cradle Catholic and Ron is a recent convert. We both enjoy a weekly bible study at church and we try to help out our parish church in many different ways

As we said in the beginning, we are very different; but we both love to travel.  This is good because if Pat didn't like seeing other places, we never would have made it through the Navy; our kids were born overseas and on both coasts of the US. Now traveling has made our retirement fun. In the past ten years we have traveled to five continents. We've traveled by cars, buses , ships, trains and planes. We have a trip to Europe planned for this spring and we have lots to see in the USA.

This blog will cover all sorts of topics. We'll try to categorize the posts so that you can focus on the topics that are of interest to you. Hopefully, it the next few months we will add a podcast. Look for another update soon.

--Pat and Ron

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